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Thoughtful, Analytical, & Forward Thinking

Kerry provides service that is thoughtful, analytical and forward thinking. He is responsive and very adept at taking advantage of the latest marketing tools and sales avenues. We are currently selling a home in a challenging market and Kerry's guidance is most needed and appreciated. He is a treat to work with!


Trustworthy & Dependable

I've worked with Carrie first as a financial planning client, now as an investment client. I find him knowledgeable, trustworthy, and dependable. I'd recommend him to anyone who is looking for quality real estate in the Birmingham area.


Trustworthy & Dependable

I had a great experience with Kerry Grinkmeyer. Very professional agent, with an outstanding understanding of the local real estate market. We had great contact and interaction at all steps of our collaboration.


Very Professional

Kerry is very professional and works very hard. At one point recently I thought about moving and Kerry was very helpful to me. I decided not to move but I will certainly call and use Kerry when I do make the decision. He knows his business and I highly recommend using Kerry.