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Buying your next luxury home is probably the largest investment you'll made thus far in your life and it needs to be treated as such. If you’re financing the purchase you’re committing to a payment that could last 30 years of your life. In that time, you might have to send children to college, deal with health emergencies related to your family and or your parents or deal with the loss of a loved one.

The purchase of your new luxury home needs to be evaluated based on your other financial goals and obligations. This is where I can draw on my experience as a financial advisor. I will assist you in putting your financial future in perspective relative to the largest investment thus far in your life. We’ll talk about return on investment, protection planning, college planning, retirement planning and estate planning. We’ll work with your other advisors to make sure you make a good decision for today and in the future.

In addition, I’ll help you find your new luxury home that matches you "Must Have List", strives to check off your "Want List" and then help you achieve your "Need to Change List", once your new luxury home is found.

Finding the right Neighborhood:

Though the use of my website you’ll become familiar with the lifestyles of the different luxury neighborhoods of Birmingham.(Best Suburbs to Buy Luxury Real Estate in Birmingham, AL) What you pay for your home and what you get for what you pay will depend on the neighborhood that you choose and the circumstances under which the home is coming to market. We will compare cost per square foot of living space, quality of workmanship and location relative to your needs and desires. Before you sign with any agent you need to read Best of US Homes Luxury Home Report. Once you choose a neighborhood you’ll be able to sort through the available homes by location, price, price per square foot and amenities; thus limiting your car time and increasing the value you receive.

Finding Value:

Look at my Featured Luxury Listings; these listings consist of my personal listings and those listings in the luxury home market that I feel offer extreme value. I look for quality properties in the best neighborhoods that offer unusual value. They tend to be properties that are under circumstances that produce motivated sellers, in some cases it’s evident in the asking price in others I feel with strong negotiations you can achieve substantial value. Special circumstances are often brought about by, change in job thus relocation, divorce, or death. Many times, these homes sit on the market and require some rehab, I am prepared to assist my buyers in identifying contractors to make the rehab resulting in substantial savings on the overall purchase of their new luxury home.

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