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In a move to upend the world of real estate imagery, Zillow announced today it will let people across all of the U.S. and Canada use a free app to snap photos and automatically create online 3D home tours with their iPhones or iPads in as little as 15 minutes. The tours will appear on property listings on

The company describes the app, called 3D Home, as “an AI-powered mobile platform for iOS devices that allows anyone to capture 360-degree panoramic photos of a home and easily create a 3D tour.”

“Launching 3D Home nationwide offers agents and sellers an easy way to enhance their home listings, at no cost, and also provides buyers with a more authentic, immersive experience of a home,” Zillow said Monday in a statement.

Zillow first unveiled 3D Home in January 2018, but until now the service had been limited to eleven test markets, among them Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and San Diego. During the test period, agents produced “thousands” of tours, according to Zillow.