Top Real Estate Agent's Tip #1: Get the Support of Local Media to Sell Your Listings: This video will instruct you on how to become a top real estate agent by gaining  the support of your local media in selling your high-end listings.  Newspapers, TV and magazines need content that their audiences want to read and see, your descriptions, pictures and video are just what their looking for.
I'll tell you how to find the reporters  and producers and what you need to ask to gain their support as your offer them your support.

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Selling high-end real estate is actually easier to break into than the low and middle price ranges because the high-end has become a buyers market.  There are more big home sellers than there are big home buyers. We're eight years into the Baby Boomer Sell-Off and approaching the Baby Boomer Die-Off.

High-end sellers have a problem, their homes aren't selling, so if you can explain the cause of their problem and through Target Marketing and Social Media Marketing offer them a plan that results in a solution to their problem you'll dominate the high-end market.

Watch this video and I'll teach you how Best of US Homes is Crushing the High-End Home Market with the support of local media.