Top Real Estate Agent Tip # 4: Text Message a Video to Expired Listings. Become A Top Agent: Text Message a Video to Expired Listings. This video will instruct you on how to become a top real estate agent by showing your first hand how to produce a personal video to an expired listing that will give you a 90% probability that they will list with you if they list with anyone.  You're not going to see this anywhere else

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Selling high-end real estate is actually easier to break into than the low and middle price ranges because the high-end has become a buyers market.  There are more big home sellers than there are big home buyers. We're eight years into the Baby Boomer Sell-Off and approaching the Baby Boomer Die-Off.

High-end sellers have a problem, their homes aren't selling, so if you can explain the cause of their problem and through Target Marketing and Social Media Marketing offer them a plan that results in a solution to their problem you'll dominate the high-end market.

Watch this video and I'll teach you how to become the Expired Listing King of your community.