Oliver, I read about your distinguished career in the navy and being honored with “The Energy Statesman” award, your marriage to Sally, her passing in 2014, then finding love again with a high school classmate.  Having graduated from high school in 1962 I was able to identify with your life adventure.  I lost my daughter in 2014 and became angry then found guidance to a second career in real estate, I to love again. 

I see that you are having difficulty selling your home in Highland Lakes.  You can blame that on the Baby Boomer generation; all reaching retirement age at the same time and moving to the beach, you’re part of the problem.  The reason it hasn’t sold is that the right person hasn’t come through your front door, the right person isn’t aware of your home, the right agent isn’t aware of your home.

I don’t know if I could have sold your home over the past 197 days, but I do know that I could have made the community and the right agents aware of your home.  I know this because I’m doing it with my other listings.  Have they sold?  No, not all of them, but with video, direct mail, email, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising and conventional media I’ve made the community aware of my listings.

As an example, I have a listing at 3556 Spring Valley Court in Mountain Brook, the video that I produced to promote this home has been viewed over 2,100 times in the last 60 days. I know that most of the viewers can’t afford a $2.0 million home but there is an awareness that is a must to bring that right person through the front door.

We are in The Baby Boomer Sell-Off and we’re approaching The Baby Boomer Die-Off, this is what’s making the sale of your home challenging.  I’ve chosen to take on the challenge by bringing my clients the latest in social media marketing techniques which will in time, put me in the position of controlling the market that I choose to serve.

Give me a call if:

You’d like an agent that will do more than put a sign in your front yard and create an MLS listing.

You’d like an agent that will market your home using the latest technology, conventional media and social media.

You’d like an agent that will be present for all showings of your home to sell your home to potential buyers.

Oliver, you’re going to pay someone $60,000 or more to sell your home, what are you going to get for your $60,000?  You don’t need another listing agent, you need a marketing company and a salesman. Call me if you’d like to sell your home.


Kerry Grinkmeyer

205 919 6006