Has Zillow Missed the Big-Payoff? Does Zillow really think flipping homes is the key to taking control of the real estate industry?

Zillow Real Estate is positioning to be the dominate force in the real estate industry as we move through the largest transfer of wealth in the history om mankind.  The Baby Boomers are selling their homes or aging in place.  Starting in 2023 we will begin the Boomer Die-Off, aging in place will no-longer be an option and the liquidation will begin at a more rapid pace.

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Zillow Real Estate has recognized this massive demographic shift, generation X is 25% smaller.  Zillow has introduced Offers, Zillow Mortgage, and will soon introduce Zillow Title and Closing. But have they overlooked Zillow P&C, Life, Health and Auto Insurance?
Have they overlooked "bundling" all of the homeowners needs? These are all sources of reoccurring revenues.  Please tell me that Zillow has recognized the opportunity in-front of them.
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