The Digital Revolution is affecting the real estate industry. Let's talk  to Roger, my photographer, about how the real estate industry will be changing and what you can do to capitalize on it.

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The real estate Industry won't be the same in the future.  Zillow is driving much of this change.  Zillow has recognized that video will be 85% of the Internet by 2022 and video will drive the real estate industry in the future.   Zillow is building a team of photographers and videographers across the nation Roger's one of them. They’re going to need these videographers to first video their Instant Offers homes and then possibly reduce their dependence on the local MLS’s for photos of homes for sale.

The change in the way we buy and sell real estate, soon to be driven by video,  will reduce the need for real estate agents as portals like Zillow absorb many of the tasks that realtors preformed in the past. Agents are going to have to find their niche that they can control; they're going to have to become a Purple Cow.