The day of mass media is over, the technology driven strategy today is to Market to the Smallest Viable Market that supports your business goals. Decide who you want to do business with and build a marketing program to make your chosen clients aware of you, gain trust in you and then to engage with you.

Use social media to engage with them, LinkedIn is an example. It's a search engine; you can search for people by profession, location, affiliation, employer and interests. Then you can connect with them on a one to one basis. There are 565 million users of LinkedIn, 70% of them are in the United States, 40% are daily users. Find your niche and reach-out to them and I suggest you do it with video. Video is the marketing tool of the future, by 2020 80% of the online traffic will be driven by video.

Build a strong profile page on LinkedIn, make it about how you can help those that you serve. They don't want to know about you, they want to know what you can do to help them achieve their goals. Your profile should answer these questions: What do you do? How do you do it? Why it works? and What others are saying about you?

Once you make a connection engage with your new contact. I suggest you offer them something that can possibly help them achieve their goals.

I'm a real estate agent coach and author, I've developed a series of letters that I write to prospective listing clients. I offer to give my new real estate agent LinkedIn contacts a copy of my "Puzzled why your home isn't selling" letter. I give them the opportunity to download it for free. This builds credibility and trust which lead to engagement. I then tell them about my book where I share other letters, social media strategies, and insites into the future of the real estate business.

Look at my profile, connect with me on LinkedIn and Facebook and subscribe to my YouTube channel, watch the videos that I post and read the articles that I write. And by all means buy my book. SUPERCHARGE YOUR REAL ESTATE SALES USING CUTTING EDGE SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES.

Although it focuses on real estate but most of the social media strategies are applicable to all professions. Lets connect and build our businesses together.